In general, if the place where the installation is to be rented or own property is suitable for the carpet washing operation, it can be installed according to the m2 of the area and although it should be at least 70 m2 and above, 150 and 200 m2 areas are suitable for this work and a comfortable working environment can be provided. a good working environment should be established in the workplace as part of the washing, section carpet squeezing section, carpet drying and packaging preparation, which will be useful to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of good and comfortable cleaning of carpets.

Afbamak is one of the most important elements for your business. carpet washing machines in the environment to be installed 380 v. Depending on the industry electricity and accordingly to the models and types of the carpet washing machines with a minimum energy consumption of 5 kw and max 11 kw on our machine with the appropriate cable, machinery to be installed in the place where the machine, the building will be drawn to the inner wall of our technical team makes other connections.

For water, which is the most important consumption required for your business; artezyen place where we are located outside of our carpet washing machines in our water washing nozzles with the help of the washing, rinsing can easily be done from the network water can be opened. Carpet cleaning according to the individual The water consumption according to the 6 m2 carpet varies and it is 80 liters in minimum dimensions. The ideal 300/400 liters is in general information given by our customers.

Carpet cleaning companies are the most popular businesses in recent years and have become an important line of business providing daily cash inflows and serious professional enterprises are established Some criteria are required to establish a professional carpet cleaning facility in your current province and district, you should analyze these criteria and make an accurate and successful investment. If the population is 10.000, if you have a population of 10,000 / 50,000, you can earn 30 from a professional business carpet washing job if you have a population density of 20 300,000 / 500,000 for 10 of the 150,000 / 300,000 population for the population of 50,000 / 150,000.

Afbamak Automatic carpet washing machine, carpet dryer, carpet squeezing machine manufacturing, provides services. Our company produces the most suitable machines for the carpet cleaning business of our esteemed business friends by determining the heavy working conditions in carpet washing, customer satisfaction, difficulties in running personnel, time delays in carpet washing. Afyonkarahisar’da 3000m2 open area, 450m2 closed area, we serve our own place.

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